Straight to pole
with a smashing livery

Livery design for WMC 250EV land speed record bike

Making a land speed record bike, look even faster.

No vehicle is finished without some colours on it and the WMC 250EV is no exception.
Prior to its official debut, the land speed record motorcycle, an epitome of ultra-performance from White Motorcycle Concepts waited for a captivating livery to complement its groundbreaking engineering.

The Challenges

Following the completion of aerodynamic studies led by Catesby Projects’ engineers and engineering development by EY3, it was over to our creative team to put their mark on this extraordinary bike. Aerodynamic performance suggested that many parts, usually naked on a normal bike, would be concealed, presenting our designers with an expansive canvas to play with.

Collaborating with Rob White, CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts and John Keogh a renowned motorbike designer, our creative team had to work around visual challenges to craft a livery design that would complement the bike’s revolutionary aerodynamic design.

Dynamic. Crisp. Fast.

Taking influence from the simple yet sleek aesthetics of Moto2 bikes, our focus was to minimise the visual presence of white painted panels, allowing the carbon structure to shine through and reduce visual volume. Primarily applied to the rear but also at the front, this approach visually shifted the weight forward and “reduced” the bike’s actual length, creating the essence of speed. Angular, diagonal line and wing-like graphic elements added massively to the visual identity evoking a sense of forward motion.

After the completion of the livery design and its application, the bike underwent rigorous testing and made appearances at numerous exhibitions and events. Notable among these were Goodwood Festival of Speed and the London Motorcycle Show, where the WMC250EV definitely made a lot of heads turn.


This article is a continuation of a previous piece we wrote on the WMC 250EV regarding the 3D scanning work we did on the project.

Exterior Design : John Keogh Design
Engineering Design : EY3 Engineering Ltd.
Aerodynamic Development : Catesby Projects Ltd.
Vinyl Wrapping : 3SixtyWraps

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