The World’s Longest
Indoor Vehicle Testing Facility


A full scale testing facility, providing complete confidentiality and privacy.

Catesby Projects is a worldwide reseller for Catesby Tunnel, a unique vehicle test facility in the UK. Catesby Tunnel houses a 2.7km long, purpose-built indoor straight road test track allowing an extensive range of vehicle assessment studies to be carried out on full scale vehicles. Catesby Tunnel contains a sealed working section to ensure that the environmental conditions are consistent allowing assured repeatable testing. The tunnel and all the adjoining facilities are entirely enclosed to ensure that vehicle development programmes remain completely confidential.

2.7km long

Catesby Projects is located at Catesby Park, adjacent to Catesby Tunnel. Our engineers and technicians are perfectly placed to help support vehicle testing. Whether that be help with logistics, testing best practice and methodology or aerodynamic consultancy, our team is here to help.

8.2m wide

The uses for Catesby Tunnel are endless, but some examples are listed below:

  • Aerodynamic testing including constant speed and coastdown.
  • Aeroacoustic testing, both on and off vehicle.
  • Thermal testing including cooling and braking assessment.
  • Soiling and deposition work.
  • ADAS and LiDAR testing.
  • Private commissioning and shakedowns.

Booking and Support

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