Breaking Records

WhiteMotorcycleConcepts 250EV

A highly innovative electric motorcycle focused on extreme aerodynamic efficiency.

The radical design was optimised by aerodynamic experts at Catesby Projects in conjunction with Rob White at White Motorcycle Concepts. The WMC250EV exhibits an ultra-low drag coefficient that has been achieved through countless hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

From point cloud to CFD

As part of the study, Catesby Projects employed the latest 3D scanning techniques to help create highly accurate digital 3D models of existing competitors. These models were simulated using Computational Fluid Dynamics in order to extract benchmark drag figures. This process is vital to ensure the performance improvements can be measured using the same assessment methodology.

every single detail

To ensure that the CFD models were fully representative, Rob White himself was also 3D scanned to generate an ultra-realistic rider model. The 3D scan captured every detail of the rider, from the anatomy of the rider position, the details of the helmet, gloves and boots, to the creases in the leathers. All these intricate details can have a significant influence on the aerodynamics and would typically be missed with a generic CAD generated rider model.

The rider scan was instrumental in the development of the WMC250EV throughout the CFD programme.  Typically, the rider produces a significant proportion of the drag, so it was imperative to obtain an accurate model. This allowed the aerodynamic geometry to be tailor made to the size and riding position of Rob White.

Working with
powerfull hardware

The 3D scanner utilised for this project was the Artec Leo, a handheld wireless scanner that captures surface data accurate to 0.1mm and a resolution of 0.2mm. The scanner provides a quick, agile and efficient means of capturing static objects. The in-built digital screen provides real time feedback to confirm areas are fully scanned, ensuring a complete and efficient process.

3D Scanning
with Catesby Projects

Our scanning capabilities are not limited to only motorcycles. We have the ability to scan geometry for a multitude of different applications. These include both road and race cars, human athletes or even larger objects such as small plane or a large room without a building. These can be used for CFD simulations, reverse engineering or metrology purposes.

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