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Three-Dimensional Data Gathering

Our 3D scanning services are available for a wide range of applications, in a fast and cost effective manner. Our background as a multidisciplined engineering consultancy means that we can scan to the required level of detail for your application, with minimal fuss and with a rapid turnaround.


Catesby Projects have a wealth of experience in scanning all kinds of objects and people. Our range of hardware allows us to pick the right tools for the application to ensure we capture the right amount of detail as quickly as possible.

Some of the 3D scanning applications we have worked on:

  • Full vehicle scans in both motorsport and automotive sectors.
  • Historic racing geometry capture.
  • Scan for manufacture validation and quality control.
  • Athlete scanning in both motorsport and elite sport.
  • Reverse engineering and competitor analysis.
  • Tyre and contact patch scanning.

3D Scanning Specifications

  • Point accuracy from 0.05mm and a 3D resolution of 0.1mm
  • Scanning objects from millimitres in size up to tens of meters.
  • Texture maps capture for use with rendering, visualisation and post processing.
  • Equipped with handheld structured light and tripod based laser scanners.
  • Experienced in choosing the right tools and techniques for the task and meeting your requirements.

Experience Downstream

What separates us from most scanning and metrology service providers is the understanding of the process that follows the 3D scan. Our methods have evolved over the last 15 years to ensure we can capture exactly what you need. By matching your requirements with our various hardware options we capture the required detail efficiently and minimise work downstream.

The numerous projects in automotive, motorsport and elite sport sectors we have worked on, ensure that sensitive areas are captured correctly. We know how small changes can effect design decisions downstream and we can help minimise those mistakes.

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