Together, we create.


A TotalSim Company

Catesby Projects is a TotalSim Company and located at Catesby Park, next to the Catesby Tunnel test facility.

TotalSim is a multi-disciplinary UK engineering consultancy that specialises in both computational and experimental aerodynamic development and testing. It has collaborated with major road car OEMs, designed world championship winning race cars, and helped athletes secure numerous Olympic gold medals.

Unique and Comprehensive portfolio

Catesby Projects continues TotalSim’s tradition of providing high performance aerodynamic solutions to the automotive, motorsport and elite-level sport sectors. Created to provide a one stop solution for engineering and design services, we can help progress your vehicle from a concept sketch all the way through development, on both a design and engineering level, to a final product.

Through a collaborative, flexible and transparent approach, Catesby Projects is in a unique position to offer both computational and physical testing services allowing a complete solution to aerodynamic development, testing and validation, including data acquisition solutions and post-data analysis.

In addition, Catesby Projects offers 3D Scanning and both engineering and creative design services ranging from conceptual sketches, to vehicle styling, and final livery design.

JonPaton PhD

Group Leader

An experienced Project Manager and Aerodynamicist, Jon Paton has a PhD in applied computational aerodynamics and has worked with the TotalSim group for more than 13 years.  He has developed vehicles in nearly all forms of motorsport, winning World Championships in multiple categories.  He has also worked in Elite sport, helping win multiple gold Olympic medals and helped claim multiple world records in different sports.


Team Leader

With a first class honours in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London, Henry Pang has over 10 years’ experience in CFD and aerodynamics at TotalSim, having worked on a considerable range of road and race car related projects. He currently leads the Motorsport and Aerodynamics division.

Our team is a group of creative individuals, passionate about vehicle design, bringing together experience from both engineering and design backgrounds to create a unique blend.

Part of a great family

Catesby Projects as a TotalSim company has strong relationships and collaboration with the rest of the TotalSim family including the following companies.