Catesby Projects recently welcomed GiBLI Tech Inc. to Catesby Tunnel for testing of their real-time aerodynamic sensor – The G10. Joining us all the way from Canada was CoFounder and CEO of the company Mark Ernsting. Mark has a long and varied career in the cycling industry, having represented Team Canada at various international events and winning several national championships along the way.

The G10 is a real-time aerodynamic sensor designed to help cyclists and triathletes to unlock their ultimate performance potential. The sensor pairs with your power, heart rate, cadence and speed sensor devices to bring you live, real-time data via the GiBLI app.

This data includes a coefficient of aerodynamic drag (CdA) reading. This number is incredibly important for an athlete because for any given speed, if you can lower your CdA you will also be lowering the number of watts required to maintain said speed.

Allowing an athlete to see in real-time how their equipment and positioning is affecting their CdA makes optimisation quicker and easier than ever before.

“With its real-world yet extremely controlled conditions, Catesby Tunnel was an obvious choice of testing facility for GiBLi Tech.”

We wish Mark and the team all the best with the product launch and hope to see them testing in the tunnel again soon!

To find out how you can take advantage of this technology for your latest project get in touch today.

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