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3D Scanning and Processing

You might not expect an aerodynamics consultancy to offer services in the medical sector, but our diverse skillset and background in 3D applications can be incredibly beneficial when needed.

We were recently asked to provide an ear scan to a medical surgery that specialises in ear reconstruction. Typically, 3D CAD software is employed to generate digital models, however when it comes to complex natural objects such as the human anatomy, it is near impossible.

Utilising advanced 3D scanning hardware and contemporary post-processing software in order to generate realistic models.

The complexity and nuances of the human ear meant that the level of accuracy required, necessitated the use of the Artec Spider. Using this scanner, we were able to reverse engineer a highly accurate digital 3D model of a human ear to sub millimetre accuracy.

The Artec Spider scanner has a point accuracy of 0.05mm and a 3D resolution of 0.1mm allowing us to capture a significant amount of detail. Its compact size and weight mean the scanner can be handheld, allowing us to rapidly alter the line of sight to maximise the scan coverage. Multiple scans can be quickly conducted to account for unintended body movements ensuring the data output is both reliable and robust. The structured blue light technology also makes it safe for scanning all parts of the human body.

Once the 3D scan was completed, Artec Studio software was used to quickly process the raw data and visual the ear on screen. The geometry is further refined in Geomagic to ensure the output is clean and tidy. The time taken to scan the ear, process the raw data and finalise the outputs took less than an hour. This is significantly faster than drawing the ear with CAD and is a much more accurate representation.

The final STL (a tessellated data format) was made by fusing the raw scans together at a maximum triangle resolution of 0.3mm. An image of the upper section of the ear is shown with the triangle edges visible to give an idea of the resolution we are working to.

3D Scanning
with Catesby Projects

Here at Catesby Projects, we have both the equipment and expertise in order to reverse engineer complex geometric shapes. Our capabilities aren’t limited to the human body, we can scan and reverse engineer any small object with incredible accuracy and speed.

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