It’s not just race cars and automotive vehicles that can utilise Catesby Tunnel. The combination of a controlled environment and a totally smooth and straight surface make it the perfect place to conduct aerodynamic testing for cycling.

The tunnel offers repeatability close to that of a wind tunnel, whilst also simulating conditions more realistic of the real world. The table below details how Catesby Tunnel combines the advantages of other methods of testing.

We invited GCN to come and explore the tunnel, and they sent none other than the science-mad Ollie Bridgewood. With a PhD in Organic Chemistry and a passion for everything science, Ollie could immediately see the benefits of utilising the controlled environment of the tunnel for testing, stating:

“It [Catesby Tunnel] combines the advantages of being able to actually ride your bike, in real life, at pace with a much more controlled environment, with far fewer variables.”

“A facility not only for race cars”

Another key characteristic of the Catesby Tunnel, which sets it apart from other traditional wind tunnels, is that you can test with multiple riders at the same time, allowing you to test team time trial formations or even the affects of positioning within a peloton.

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