The UK Automotive Aero Forum provides an opportunity for discussion and resolution of technology and process issues in vehicle aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, and yesterday we welcomed the group to Catesby Tunnel.

The UK Automotive Aero forum, which our parent company TotalSim has been a part of since its reformation in 2013, consists of representatives from OEM’s, academia, CFD companies and wind tunnel suppliers. One of the key objectives of the group is to promote awareness, study and research in the subject of aerodynamics in the UK.

It was a fantastic experience to be able to welcome industry-leading figures to Catesby Tunnel to show off just how unique the facility is, and it’s fair to say they were impressed. The Tunnel offers one of the most exciting advances in aerodynamic testing of recent times. The removal of weather variations combined with the brilliantly smooth surface takes the repeatability of testing to the next level.

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