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Unifying high performance engineering and aerodynamics with a passion for design.

Catesby Projects’ engineers and designers have worked behind the scenes to deliver world class aerodynamic and engineering solutions
to major automotive OEMs, world championship winning race teams and Olympic champions.


From concept to computational modelling, all the way through to physical testing and validation, Catesby Projects’ diverse skillset
will enable you to achieve your targets.


Catesby Projects is a TotalSim Ltd. company.


Aerodynamics at our Core

Our experience and proven track record in aerodynamic design means we can provide unparalleled insight, analysis and advise.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Beyond Aerodynamics

We dare to go above and beyond aerodynamics. Our team of talented individuals can support you in a variety of complementary services.

Physical Testing

Conceptual Design


We provide

CFD Analysis
Aerodynamic Development
Mechanical Design
3D Scanning

Vehicle Design & Styling
Tunnel Testing & Support
Vehicle Simulation

Worldwide Reseller
for Catesby Tunnel Services

Catesby Projects is located at Catesby Park, the home of Catesby Tunnel. We are the official reseller for Catesby Tunnel services
and help provide testing and support capabilities.

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News from
Catesby Projects

Catesby Tunnel : Basic Data Capture

Catesby Tunnel : Basic Data Capture

We often get asked, ‘how can we measure forces on the vehicle?’... and ‘how easy is it to detect changes?’. This is a really difficult question to answer as each vehicle is different and there are a...

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3D Printed Mannequins

3D Printed Mannequins

At Catesby Projects, one of our main uses of our 3D scanners is to scan athletes. We scan athletes for a variety of sports and for a multitude of reasons. Some of these athlete scan models become 3D...

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