Whilst not all livery reveals attract quite the same amount of attention as those by Formula 1 teams, a livery is a crucial part of any race team. From the iconic red and white of the McLaren MP4/4 to the sleek all-silver of the Mercedes AMG F1 W10, a visually captivating car, that can turn heads, is guaranteed to win over fans in any racing series.

Over years gone by there’s also been plenty of one-off liveries to catch the eye. Red Bull’s Star Wars design in 2005 and McLaren’s retro Gulf theme for the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix to name a few.

In this day-and-age, liveries are often heavily influenced by sponsors. Look no further than BWT’s recent influence – adding a generous splash of pink to every Formula 1 team they work with (Racing Point 2019-20, Alpine 2022-23).

As such, it’s becoming quite common to see teams, even in smaller series, totally revamping their branding and liveries before the start of a new season.

Catesby Projects livery on a 2018 season F2 car.

Our design and visualisation team are perfectly equipped to support the implementation of a new car livery, from concept sketches all the way through to a final design. Below is an example of the kind of thing our team is capable of.

Earlier this month, to celebrate the start of the 2023 Formula 1 season, our design and visualisation team designed a Catesby Projects livery to go on a render of a car at the Bahrain International Circuit to demonstrate our capabilities.

Catesby Projects livery on a 2022 season F1 car.

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