Last week we welcomed London South Bank University to Catesby Tunnel to work on Aim93, a student-led extra-circular project. The goal of the Aim93 project is simple: to design the fastest, most efficiently powered vehicle in the world. They believe that with the right combination of design, engineering, and athleticism, a speed of 93mph is theoretically achievable in a Human Powered Vehicle.

The main objective of the session was to give the team’s rider as much experience as possible on the recumbent, in a stable environment, before competition. In September every year, the world’s best teams descend on Battle Mountain in Nevada for the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC). The event takes place on the world’s longest, flattest, straightest, high-altitude stretch of road.

The team arrive at Catesby Tunnel ahead of the days testing.

The team hope to one day get their human-powered machine up to an eyewatering 93mph!

At WHPSC2018 the team recorded a top speed of 53mph. The current World Human Powered Speed record stands at 89.59mph, set by Todd Reichert and team Aerovelo of Canada in 2016. So, Aim93 still have a way to go in their quest to beat the record but are confident that with the combination of design, engineering and athleticism they can get to that 93mph mark!

Final checks before the latest evolution of Aim93’s recumbent gets going in Catesby Tunnel.

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