One of the many services we offer here at Catesby Projects is 3D scanning. Whilst our primary focus is on the motorsport and automotive industries, the range of 3D scanners available to us means we can be versatile.

To demonstrate this, we have carried out a project using the FARO Focus Laser scanner. For this particular project we set out to generate a model of the interior of the communal area at our home – Catesby Innovation Centre.

The Faro Focus is comprehensive, fast and accurate at capturing everything within in its line of sight, allowing us to work in an extremely cost-effective manner. With a scanning range of 120m, we were able to capture the communal area of Catesby Innovation Centre easily, having to reposition the Faro just a handful of times to reach areas of the building that were hidden in certain positions.

The Faro Focus Laser 3D scanner set up inside Catesby Innovation Centre.

Technical Insight

The individual scans are loaded into Geomagic Wrap and positioned relative to each other. Geomagic’s global registration tool ensures the best quality alignment every time. Once combined, our desired resolution can be selected, catering for individual projects’ needs. To be used as a wireframe to build a standard CFD model from, we would usually aim for a point spacing of <1mm which provides the detail necessary to act as a globally accurate skeleton while meshing quickly enough to provide fast model build. Once wrapped into an STL, the geometry can be used as a globally accurate framework to be used as is for large spaces, such as our communal area pictured above. Or smaller patches from our high resolution scanner can be combined, providing high resolution data at any scale.

“Comprehensive, fast and accurate.”

Processing the 3D model.

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